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You benefit by hiring a Registered Builder and Licensed Plumber.

You are about to undertake a major home renovation. The last thing you need is a poorly coordinated job, disorganised tradies and having to be constantly on-guard, hoping everything works out as promised…it’s too stressful!

Yet, many homeowners have found it doesn’t always work out as planned because their contractor wasn’t a Registered Builder or the plumber wasn’t licenced.

We promise to take care of everything for you so the whole reroofing project is as stress-free as is humanly possible. We further promise…

Reroof Bendigo


Your new roof, is a big job; and yes, there will be some minor disruption to your homelife for a short while but the result will be well worth it. During the project we promise to keep you informed and be available for your queries & concerns.

New Roof


You get the benefit of our promise, to take care of everything. We won’t rest until you are 100% happy with your new roof.

Stress Free Roofing


Hiring a Registered Builder and licensed plumber means you’re working with a team, who together, will complete your project on time and on budget, guaranteed. If there is to be any stress, let it be ours, not yours!

Reroofing Bendigo & Beyond.

The Aussie weather is tough on roofs and the timber frames that support them! Over time, roofing material wears out, gets damaged or simply reaches the end of its useful life.

More often than not though, the best option is to reroof your home.

Yes, it’s a big decision and will likely mean some inconvenience. BUT once it’s done precisely and with great care, you will get the peace of mind you’re looking for and it will add to the value of your home.

If you want to make this happen, stress-free, fully guaranteed, talk to a Registered Builder, that specialises in reroofing; talk to Reroofing Bendigo.

Follow the link below to book an inspection.

GUARANTEES to ensure your project is stress-free

1: Your investment is fixed, not one cent more to pay. Any cost blowout, we wear it
2: As we are Registered Builders, we take care of everything
3: Your project will be covered by insurance for up to 6 years after completion
4: All rubbish will be removed and disposed of correctly.