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Roofing Services

If you believe it’s time to act on that old roof, you’re in the right spot: Welcome to Reroofing Bendigo’s comprehensive solutions hub.

Reroofing is a major structural work on your home, that has to be done right. We understand exactly what you want to get that outcome – a Registered Builder to take care of everything; expertise in every aspect of the workmanship, and an excellent result. And all on-budget.

You can choose from our three core services:

Each service is meticulously crafted to transform your roof, offering enhanced aesthetics, longevity, and structural integrity.

Explore the options below to find your perfect solution.

Tile to Tin Roof Conversions

You can say goodbye to the maintenance hassles of a traditional tiled roof and embrace the sleek, modern look and the longevity of a COLORBOND® roof.

Our expert roofing team will seamlessly convert your tiled roof into a robust, energy-efficient, and visually stunning tin roof.

Roof Replacements

Give your home a fresh lease on life with Reroofing Bendigo’s Tin Roof Replacement service. Your old, worn-out tin roof seamlessly replaced with a brand-new, top-quality COLORBOND® roof, enhancing functionality and your home’s appearance.

Our experienced team will ensure you get a hassle-free process, as we deliver superior craftsmanship and unbeatable durability.

Roof Restorations

Preserve the timeless beauty and structural integrity of your aging home with this stunning service. Our skilled craftsmen specialise in revitalizing old tin roofs, bringing them back to their original glory with meticulous attention to detail.

This isn’t just a simple repair job. Rather, it’s a complete and comprehensive restoration that will add years to the life of your roof while doing wonders with its visual appeal.

Trust Reroofing Bendigo to breathe new life into your older home, and ensure your restored tin roof stands the test of time. And remember, as Registered Builders we can promise to take care of everything!

GUARANTEES to ensure your project is stress-free

1: Your investment is fixed, not one cent more to pay. Any cost blowout, we wear it
2: As we are Registered Builders, we take care of everything
3: Your project will be covered by insurance for up to 6 years after completion
4: All rubbish will be removed and disposed of correctly.